“On the Marc” 01/07/2013 Monday Night Raw Review

Live from Tampa, Florida

Commentators: Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler

Championship’s roll call: WWE Champion: CM Punk… World Champion: Big Show… Intercontinental Champion: Wade Barrett… United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro… Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No… NXT Champion: Seth Rollins Diva’s Champion: Eve Torres

The first Raw of 2013 opens with John Cena. He calls the end of 2012 “crap-tastic.” He pimps the TLC match with CM Punk and Ryback. After that, The Rock is mentioned as well; Cena moves onto the Royal Rumble and the Road to WrestleMania but is interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E Langston. He says everyone will remember Dolph. AJ gripes about Cena tossing poop on her, toying with her heart, and is upset that she lost her job to him. He calls him a SMALL man, she emphasizes SMALL. Cena makes fun of her making her first “sixth grade wiener joke.” John then leads the crowd in a wave; he begins to go into an Andrew Dice Clay, “there once was a man from Nantucket…” bit but Ziggler interrupts and announces his entrant to the Rumble. Dolph’s prime goal is to prevent Cena from winning. Cena responds with poop jokes and double entendre regarding AJ and rubbing off on people. John challenges him to a match but Big E SPEAKS! Langston essentially accepts the match for Dolph (I think). That was rather odd as Langston told Cena “it’s on” but apparently he was accepting for Ziggler? 3/10 Promo was average and poop jokes are so 2012; not quite sure if Langston was accepting the challenge for himself and somehow managed to accept for his boss. That was weird.

John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler (w/AJ Lee & Big E Langston):   Vickie Guerrero made the match official during the break. Dolph opens with a side headlock and wrenches Cena down to the match. John fires him off and hits a hiptoss and armdrag into an armbar. Ziggler punches his way back and Cena collapses in the corner. Dolph hammer-tosses him cross-corner and elbows the back of his head. Ziggler SHOWS OFF with situps under John’s arm but Cena rolls him over for a nearfall; he hits a bulldog for another two. Cena applies a front facelock and then segues into a delayed vertical suplex, for two more. We see Langston looking mean on the outside of the ring; Dolph mounts a comeback, countering a backdrop with a kick. He splashes John in the corner for a nearfall. Dolph shadow-boxes around the ring and tries a dropkick but Cena counters and catapults him into the top turnbuckle. Cena tries a comeback but misses a shoulderblock in the corner. Dolph feigns an eye injury so Big E can hop up on the apron and punch Cena in the face. Langston then hops down and chills by the ring barricade with an “I didn’t do nothing, man,” expression. Dolph gets two as we head to break. We return with Cena entangled in a chinlock and turns it into a Last Chancery looking move. Dolph then segues into a headstand chinlock; John stands up with Dolph on his back and just tosses him off. Cena hits a belly-to-belly suplex so AJ pops up onto the apron and hangs on the ropes giving the cameraman a great shot of her ass. This distracts Cena so Dolph hits a dropkick and the Showoff Series (elbow drops) for two. Dolph distracts referee Scott Armstrong again, this time allowing AJ to SLAP Cena. John falls backwards and finally the referee realizes what’s going on here and ejects AJ and Langston (otherwise a DQ). Cena charges up with shoulderblocks and Proto-bomb. John looks for the Five-Knuckle Shuffle but apparently Dolph can see him and hits a delayed Namedropper… for two. Dolph misses a Stinger splash so John Proto-bombs him again and gets the Shuffle. Cena tries the AA but Dolph slips free and hits the Zigzag but Super Cena kicks out of Dolph’s finisher. This is a good match but a bit frustrating. Ziggler measures him for Sweet Chin Music but misses and Cena forces him down into the STF; Ziggler counters and plants Cena with the Dolph DDT for two. He heads to the top but Cena catches him in midair, rolls through, right into the AA but Ziggler lands on his feet and NAILS a superkick… for two. Ziggler mounts Cena and pounds away; Cena hits a bodyblow and they exchange roundhouses. Dolph gets a sleeper hold and Cena slowly fades. John uses his last ounce of strength to shove Dolph off his back but he inadvertently bumps referee Armstrong to the floor. Now Cena applies the STF but there is no referee. Here’s Big E again to hit-and-run Cena with the Big Ending (and drapes Dolph’s arm over); another referee shows up but Cena kicks out again. Cena nails the AA out of nowhere to get the pinfall. 7/10 The match was actually very good and entertaining. The unfortunate result as Dolph basically did everything in his power this side of shooting Cena in the face and still lost clean after one finisher; John kicked out of about ten (including Big E’s as well). The match was good the ending was difficult especially for Dolph’s struggle to get through the glass ceiling.

Here is your winner… John Cena via AA pinfall

Moving on briskly tonight here’s Eve Torres for a title match…

WWE Diva’s Championship Eve Torres vs. Kaitlyn:   So to let the crowd down from the high of that last match, we have this. They lock up and Eve takes her over with a side headlock. Kaitlyn applies a head scissors to counter. Torre turns it into a leglock and then into a standing ankle lock. Kaitlyn powers out and she mauls the champ in the corner. Somehow Kaitlyn’s bootlaces become unlaced so the referee FORCES her to tie them allowing Eve a running boot. Well, that wasn’t very fair. Torres kicks away in the opposite corner and applies the elevated chinlock. Eve applies a reverse neckbreaker stretch until the fans get bored and Kaitlyn hits a sideslam, for two. She kills her with a shoulderblock and a weird neckbreaker drop for two. That looked like it could have been a finisher. Kaitlyn gets her up in a fireman’s carry but Eve slips free and… tries to run away. She grabs the title and runs away through the crowd and takes the countout loss because we HAVE to be subjected to this match again. 3/10 Actually a bit better than the usual diva drivel; the ending was painful… just have a clean winner!

Here is your winner… Kaitlyn via countout

In the back Santino Marella is talking to Ricky Steamboat who tells him that his “favorite match of all the times” was against Randy Savage at WrestleMania III. Hard to argue with that assessment. They discuss IC titles and Wade Barrett who mugs in on their fun. Wade calls him an old man so Ricky will be in Santino’s corner tonight. Elsewhere, Randy Orton is with Matt Striker who says he won the Rumble once before and he’ll do it again. He’s interrupted by 3MB of all awesome people. Slater says that the 3MB is in the Rumble so one of them is going to ‘Mania… BABY! Orton wonders which one he is facing tonight. Slater tells him to pick his poison. Orton chooses Slater and tells him he’ll be playing a harp after their match tonight. 3MB is a bit puzzled by this comment.

Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars:   Kane and Rhodes kick us off and Cody eats an uppercut; he pummels the moustached one. Rhodes sneaks in an elbow in the corner and tags in Sandow. Kane immediately hits a hiptoss and a low dropkick for two. Here comes Bryan to his usual reaction; Hell No hits a classic Hart Foundation style whip into a dropkick in the corner. Bryan works the arm with a shoulder stunner into a hammerlock. Sandow tags Rhodes who walks right into a drop-toehold and falls flat on his moustache. Bryan begins the No Kicks but misses wildly with a roundhouse kick; he recovers with a nice Northern-Lights suplex, for two. Rhodes hits a reverse elbow off a whip to take the advantage for the Scholars. Damien tags in and the Scholars quick tag on him while the commentators discuss beards. Sandow hits the Cubito Aequet and applies a chinlock. Bryan elbows free and tags in Kane. He lays out Sandow and heads to the top but can’t quite get his footing so Damien has to stumble over to cover for him, allow Kane to nail him to knock him back, and then hit the diving clothesline. He knocks Cody off the apron and plants his boot in Sandow’s face, for two. He hits a pair of corner clotheslines and sideslam for two. Kane readies for the chokeslam so Sandow retreats to the floor. Kane tags Bryan who hits a running knee off the apron and then tells the fans “no!” Back in the ring, No Kicks in the corner appear; Sandow reverses a whip so Bryan flips off the top but tweaks his knee on the landing. The Scholars zero in on it for the second heat segment of the evening on Daniel Bryan. Cody entraps the leg in the ropes and kicks away on it. Rhodes distracts the referee so Damien lays waste to the knee in the corner. Kane runs all of the way around the ring from the floor, which is smarter than going through the ring like some babyface do and run right into the referee, causing more damage. Kane pulls Sandow off the apron and beats him up on the floor. Cody kicks Kane from the ring and knocks him down. Bryan almost sneaks in a win off an inside cradle but Cody catches him in Cross Rhodes to get the pinfall on the champs to presumably into number one contention. 6/10 Pretty good tag match where poor Bryan jobs again; the Scholars only seem to get big wins (against the champs) when the titles aren’t on the line. Sooner or later they have to win one of those title matches or else look incredibly weak.

Here are your winners… Team Rhodes Scholars via Cross Rhodes pinfall

Randy Orton vs. Heath Slater (w/3MB):   Slater keeps getting these featured matches against major opponents, which is good for him despite him jobbing all of the time. Orton opens with a clothesline off a blocked hiptoss. Randy pounds away in the corner until the referee steps between them. Slater seizes the opportunity and beats him into the opposite corner. The referee now pulls Slater back allowing Orton a comeback. Randy hits a head-butt and slowly stalks Slater. He moves a bit too slowly and Heath is able to momentum him to the floor. Orton pops right back onto the apron to hotshot Slater on the top tope. He beats up Mahal and McIntyre on the floor for fun and sport then heads back into the ring. Slater is waiting for him with a baseball slide. The other 3MB members stomp Randy on the floor and then toss him back in right into Slater for a chinlock. Orton elbow and head-butts himself free and tries a slam but Slater slips free and tosses him into the corner for Miller’s Crossing, for a nearfall. Heath heads to the top but Orton crotches him. Randy meets him on the buckles and hits a top-rope Ace Superplex. Randy hits the comeback trail with clotheslines and scoop-powerslam. Mahal and McIntyre try to get into the ring but Orton fends them off (they never touched him so no DQ) and hits Slater with the Viper DDT. The RKO finishes neatly for Orton. Post-match, the rest of 3MB try to attack but they’re no Shield and promptly get planted with RKOs as well. 4.5/10 Clean rather quick job for Slater here; the rest of 3MB, who aren’t on Randy’s level yet, and it really showed there as they all got punked by an RKO. Heath got a little O in and was probably on par with how much he should have gotten here. I see bigger things for 3MB in 2013 as long as they are able to garner a few wins here and there.

Here is your winner… Randy Orton via RKO pinfall

Santino Marella (w/Ricky Steamboat) vs. Wade Barrett:   Marella shows off his Dragon skills with an armdrag; he goes for another one but Barrett stops short and Marella twirls himself flat on the mat. Wade pounds away there. Barrett pounds in the corner as Ricky coaches from the floor; Barrett with a vertical suplex, for two, and applies a chinlock. Marella tries to comeback but Wade catches him in a pump-handle slam… which Santino escapes and hits a pretty deadly superkick out of nowhere! He only gets two. Santino fires up with lefts, rights, and the split-legged hiplock; the Salute Head-butt sets up the Cobra’s appearance but Barrett slips to the floor to avoid it and hangs Marella’s throat on the top rope. BULL HAMMER! Ballgame! Post-match, Steamboat checks on Santino; Barrett loads up the Bull Hammer again but Steamboat TAKES THE JACKET OFF. Barrett backs off and smiles at him. 2/10 Squash for Barrett (next week he’ll face Zack Ryder); nice to see Steamboat in a WWE ring again.

Here is your winner… Wade Barrett via Bull Hammer pinfall

Matt Striker talks to Sheamus about winning the Rumble; he feels he can win it again and get the title back (just not in eighteen seconds). Poor 3MB, all beat up from Randy Orton, is sulking around and Sheamus spots them. He calls them “3M-Bieber” and teases them about getting their arses kicked by Orton. He wants to sing with them but I think he challenged Drew McIntyre to a fight.

The Great Khali (w/Natalya & Hornswoggle) vs. Antonio Cesaro:   The Miz joins for commentary; I wonder if Cesaro will Neutralize Khali again because I know Vince McMahon has been jonesing for him to do it live on the big show. Cesaro has added the Swiss flag to his entrance. Cesaro punches away at the bell but Khali quickly forces him to the corner with some huge chops. Cesaro falls to the floor where he shouts at Hornswoggle. Khali drags him back into the ring and hits a clothesline. He heads to the floor to break momentum and, just like on Main Event, Khali gives chase by stepping over the ropes allowing Antonio to whiplash him. Khali crumples in the corner so Cesaro dive-bombs him low (Khali tried to counter a charge with a big boot) taking out his knee. The tree falls and Cesaro works over his leg and knee; he applies a leglock. Khali kicks him off and hits another chop from his knees. Khali gets up and hits a clothesline. He tries for the Punjabi Plunge but Cesaro counters with a European uppercut. He NAILS a beautiful springboard Euro uppercut to fell the giant and POWERS Khali up into the Neutralizer AGAIN, this time to a HUGE pop, and the anticlimactic pinfall. 6/10 The Cliff’s Notes version of their much longer encounter from Main Event. The abridged version made Cesaro look much more impressive as he essentially squashed Khali. Impressive ending (again).

Here is your winner… Antonio Cesaro via Neutralizer pinfall

In the back Paul Heyman is talking on the phone when he’s annoyed by Brad Maddox again. He offers his “services” to Heyman and CM Punk. He offers to ask Vickie Guerrero to allow him to referee Punk’s title match (again). Heyman tells him to get lost.

Sheamus vs. Jinder Mahal (w/3MB):   They lock up and… Sheamus hits a headlock takeover. They head to the corner where Mahal reverses and gets his own headlock. Sheamus fires him off but Mahal is the one who nails a shoulderblock. He celebrates with an air sitar but Sheamus grabs his schnozz and puts him in another headlock. Jinder tosses him off but eats the reciprocating shoulderblock. Sheamus kicks him square in the quadriceps. They fight over a waistlock (Mahal in the driver’s seat) but Sheamus powers free but in a silly spot, places Mahal’s hands on his ass, and then complains about it to the referee. Mahal’s all, “I didn’t touch his butt!” Mahal tries a boot but Sheamus catches the foot and SLAPS him in the face. They repeat the spot but this time Jinder drops down to avoid the slap so Sheamus kicks him in the ribs, slaps him again, and then tosses him to the floor. He grabs him and entraps him in the ropes for some O’Clubbering. McIntyre tries to get involved and suffers the same fate. Back to Mahal tries to get the advantage but it takes Drew McIntyre’s interference off a whip to get it. 3MB beat up Sheamus with a clothesline on the floor and Jinder tosses him back in for two. Mahal takes over with kicks and a swinging neckbreaker for two. Jinder with a chinlock as the fans try to rally Sheamus. He responds with Irish Hammers and a running kneelift. He tries to hook White Noise but Slater hops up on the apron so Sheamus drags him into the ring; he tosses Slater into Mahal and then clotheslines both of them to the floor. Sheamus comes out after Mahal and takes out McIntyre and Slater with Brogue Kicks. Jinder tries for the full nelson slam but Sheamus reverses into White Noise. He tunes up the Irish band and hits the Brogue Kick to end the match. 3/10 Sheamus squash with a little silliness thrown in. Poor 3MB getting decimated tonight but sometimes that’s a good thing as they are “taking their lumps” perhaps and will score some kind of push eventually.

Here is your winner… Sheamus via Brogue Kick pinfall

A video package for CM Punk and Ryback is shown. Now that Monday Night Football is over, John Gruden is spotted in the crowd watching Raw with his kids.

WWE Heavyweight Championship CM Punk (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Ryback tables, ladders and chairs:   Punk reverses a lock up in the corner and kicks away; Ryback quickly reverses and gets tosses cross-corner as the “Goldberg” chants rain down. Ryback stomps a lot in the corner so Punk retreats to the floor and grabs a chair and nails Ryback a few times. He quickly shrugs it off and speak takes Punk down. Ryback has the chair but misses a wild swing and Punk kicks him in the chest. Punk grabs the chair and nails Ryback again; he tosses him into the ring barricade and pulls out the first ladder of the match. Ryback comes right back and pounds on Punk’s back while he’s sliding back into the ring. Ryback hoists up Punk in a delayed vertical suplex and asks the crowd where Punk should land: chair or ladder. They choose ladder so Ryback suplexes him onto it. Heyman, the innovator of ECW, is shocked by this spot. Back to the floor, Ryback disengages the steel steps and steamrolls Punk with them. Now he lifts the bottom half of the steps and tries to squash Punk underneath them; Punk moves and uses the steps as kind of a springboard into a leg lariat. Punk could have reinjured his knee on that move. Punk grabs another chair and skewers Ryback with it a few times then uses it traditionally and waffles his back a few more times. Back from commercial, we just miss Ryback nailing an Electric Chair Drop. Punk stumbles to the floor where Ryback gives chase and slams Punk. Enter: table. Punk slips in a chairshot to the gut to create space between him and the Ryback onslaught. He tries to toss Ryback over the announce table but it is reversed and Ryback beats on Punk with the hood portion of the announce table. Back in the ring, Punk takes Ryback’s leg out and stomps on it; he gathers a chair as we see the WWE title belt hanging over the ring. Punk spears Ryback’s leg with the chair and then tries to Pillmanize it. Ryback moves and Punk lands on his feet but favors the scoped knee. Ryback fires up with a backdrop and a spinebuster. Ryback warms up and hits the Meat Hook. Punk slips out of Shell Shocked and heads to the floor. Ryback chases him and tries to spear him through a table on the floor but Punk moves and Ryback goes through the table. Back in the ring, Punk takes FOREVER to set the ladder up so Ryback is able to meet him atop the ladder. Punk gets sent off but he manages to tip the ladder over, saving his title; he doesn’t save himself though as Ryback lands on his feet and press-slams him onto the open ladder. He looks for a powerslam but Punk evades that and kicks him square in the dome. Punk tries to set up the decimated ladder; he keeps Ryback at bay with a pair of running knees but the bulldog is blocked and Ryback sends Punk all of the way to the floor, through a table. Punk is dead and Heyman’s reactions are fantastic. Ryback realizes the ladder is unusable and tosses it to the floor and scampers to the floor to set up a good ladder. He climbs but the lights go out! When they come back on the Shield is on the ladder and prevents him from getting the title. Ryback takes all of them out and tries to climb again. The Shield finally gathers themselves and drags Ryback to the floor and gives him the Shield Bomb through a table onto the steps. Ryback is dead so Punk drags himself up the ladder to retain his title. Post-match, Punk celebrates as Heyman is actually crying. Awesome. 7/10 Good brutal title match that Punk was able to help Ryback through. The weapons help hide some of his limitations so this was good. This was a rather odd time for this match to appear. I know that The Rock’s appearance takes prescience over all (and he needs to have a definite opponent to cut a promo on) but interestingly enough the reason this match was here was because the WWE wanted this match to take place at the halftime of the BCS Championship Game. I’ll admit that when the lights went out I was hoping for something different but I like the Shield so it’s all good.

Here is your winner AND STILL champion… CM Punk via title retention

In his locker room Paul Heyman and CM Punk are talking when Matt Striker enters; he plants on out promoing The Rock. In the back, Team Hell No argues over whose fault it was that they lost to Team Rhodes Scholars. They begin a “yes/no” battle until Vickie Guerrero shows up and tells them they have their four month evaluation with Dr. Shelby. They argue over whether Shelby is a nerd or a monster.

Kofi Kingston vs. Big Show:   The bell rings and the overaggressive Kofi kicks away in the corner; the referee pulls him back and WONGO! Show clocks him with a WMD for the immediate pinfall. 1/10 This was another casualty of the time constraints due to where the title match went (because of the BCS title game). This went almost exactly the same way that the beginning of the Wade Barrett gauntlet versus Yoshi Tatsu from Main Event… and that’s not good for Kofi.

Here is your winner… Big Show via WMD pinfall.

We get highlights of CM Punk’s heel turn against The Rock. The night Punk “turned his back on the WWE Universe.”

CM Punk and Paul Heyman heads to the ring. After surviving Ryback tonight, we’re up to 414 consecutive days for Punk’s title reign. He has on his “Knees to Faces” shirt. Punk removes the WWE plate from the microphone which means it is pipe bomb time; he discusses the essence of the pipe bomb: honesty. He goes over the “voice of the voiceless” and his ego getting out of control, bitching about respect and eventually turning on the “people.” Except the ice cream the last thing everyone needs is more ice cream bars. Punk says he “sold out” by becoming the antihero. He calls the WWE a giant glass ceiling and no one is allowed to break it. He then goes off on the WWE machine saying how people sell themselves out to get over; so people like John Cena, who has the worst year of his career, get title shot after title shot. Or a “lethal grappler” and a serious submission specialist like Daniel Bryan puts a “smile on his face and saddles himself, belittles himself with catchphrases.” Or a four-hundred pound MONSTER like Brodus Clay soils his hands with everyone’s filthy children so he can “shuck and jive for ya.” Or an invisible child, Little Jimmy, is better positioned on the flagship show, Monday Night Raw, than a workhorse like Tyson Kidd. I agree with him on that one. The fans react so Punk rips them because they cannot handle anything other than simple. He then complains that no one has ever been able to be successful without the fans… until him. He then rips the buzzword “modern era” and feels that the only way you stay on top is to sell T-shirts. If he were champion during Bruno Sammartino’s era he’d be champion for thirty years… it’s easy to keep a title for that long, wrestling once a month at MSG. He gets a shot in on Hulk Hogan as well claiming that he “had it easy” when he was champion. He says one of his grueling scheduled years as champion is equal to “thirty years of theirs.” He says he is successful IN SPITE of the fans. He gets a shot in on cheap pops and says he does not care about the people. He then moves onto who Ric Flair cries his eyes out saying he did it for “all of you.” The fans begin to “woo” so Punk laughs at them. We move onto Shawn Michaels’ losing his smile but during his Hall of Fame speech, he said all he wanted was to gain acceptance. When Edge retired he says he misses the fans. He calls them all weak or dishonest for thinking all of this. He’s not weak or dishonest… he’s the best in the world. He says there are winners and losers… guess which one the fans are. He’s a superstar and the fans are fans. He then wonders why all of these aforementioned wrestlers give the money that they made back to the people. Punk is interrupted by a ring crew member telling him to go to commercial. Punk responds with we go to commercial when the CHAMP wants to go to commercial…

We return from break with CM Punk still ranting; he says that he defeated Alberto Del Rio for the title in 2011 (at MSG), he defeated the system and he has not only defeated, John Cena, Ryback, Chris Jericho, Kane, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, etc. He has stomped the fans out and he will do it to The Rock as well… IF YA SMELL!!! Since we’ve hit the last break, NOW the Rock decides to make his appearance. Ok now it’s time for dueling banjos. The Rock wanted to wait until Punk said everything he had to say and the Rock calls Punk delusional. Rock calls 414 incredible but the real number that will haunt him is 20… because in twenty days he’s losing the WWE title to the Rock and TIME’S UP! Rocky says that Punk did not reject the people but the people rejected him. He says Punk failed on all of his promises for change… including ice cream bars. We get our first classic Rock: “you couldn’t provide ice cream if Dairy Queen, Carvel and Cookie Puss drove an ice cream truck straight up your ass.” The Rock waits for the people to react before he mentions “the voices.” Rock calls the voiceless garbage because the people use their voices every night; they are also going to chant something that will haunt Punk forever… and the Great One gets the people to chant “Cookie Puss.” Punk throws cold water on the party with a sheep line and insists the fans (and the Rock) still do not get to win. Rock then goes on to describe his morning and then his trip to Tampa just to get in his “finally…” line. The Rock is back for three reasons: to entertain the fans, stop Punk, and (after ten years) to win “that.” He also thinks, for a straight edge, Punk looks awfully like “Popeye on crack.” He gets serious and TELLS him to never say that the people don’t matter; they have always mattered and Punk does not matter. Punk begins to talk but is cut off with: “it doesn’t matter if you matter!” Rock says Punk will not stop him from becoming WWE Champion at the Rumble. Punk places the belt down on the line in the sand. Punk says he will kick his ass regardless of whether he is there for one day or 365. He reiterates that he will kick Rock’s ass because he’s the best in the world. He calls Rock’s lines and rhymes are little league. Punk then says that Rock’s “arms are just too short to box with God.” Wow, that was an impressive line, there. Rock now gets even more serious. He says that Punk is going one-on-one with the Great One. The Rock remembers being knocked out cold by a GTS the last time they were in the ring together. In twenty days… time’s up. Rock then tells him to go home and look in the mirror and get a tattoos on the left butt-cheek of M&M’s, Snickers, Milky Way, Mounds, except Almond Joy because it actually has nuts; and the right butt-cheek a tattoo of the Rock’s boot so he’ll have a lifetime reminder of how badly the Rock will kick his CANDY ass at the Rumble… ROCK BOTTOM! Punk rolls to the floor as the Rock stomps around the ring and tosses the WWE title back at him. 9.5/10 That was awesome.

OVERALL 8.5/10 Well well well… we have two excellent matches (one was a title match) and a very good tag team match. The Rock and CM Punk had a promo for the ages as well as we roll into my favorite PPV of the year: the Royal Rumble and the kickoff of the Road to WrestleMania (which I will be attending). Also, as an added bonus we got a bunch of 3MB tonight so we got an exquisite show tonight, which should be even better next week for the twentieth anniversary Raw show.

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  • Rich

    Hi there,

    I love your write ups :) Just to note on this episode though, The Stasiak vs Rock match is indeed the correct date of September the 13th (checked it on Cagematch.net) my other point was this: The Rock also faced Mark Henry and Kane in the past, from the current active roster, along side Undertaker if he counts as active.

    • http://www.marcelusive.net Marc Elusive

      I forgot that he feuded with Henry just after the Nation broke up; he wrestled Kane a hundred times but I don’t think they ever had an actual “feud.”

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