"On the Marc" 11/16/2012 Friday Night SmackDown Review

From the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio

Commentator: Josh Matthews & JBL

Championship’s roll call: WWE Champion: CM Punk… World Champion: Big Show… Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston… United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro… Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No… NXT Championship: Seth Rollins… Diva’s Champion: Eve Torres

The hometown boy, The Miz, opens the show this week for a MizTV segment. The “Miz is awesome” chants begin. He’s happy to be him and he welcomes us to MizTV; he’s on Team Foley because of himself. He admits that it was obvious that he would have won since he’s on the Survivor Series poster. Since he’s accomplished more than any other WWE Superstar at Survivor Series, he’s not going to “fall in line” with either captain, whether it be Dolph Ziggler, or his guest, Mick Foley. The hardcore legend makes his entrance. Foley is not mincing words tonight; he initially was apprehensive and gets his usual “cheap pop” in. He brings out his book Most Mizerable Christmas and ponders which Miz will show up at Survivor Series: the awesome one, who beat John Cena at WrestleMania, or the jobber movie star one. Really? Really? Really? Miz runs through the rest of Team Foley as uncooperative and cheapshot artists. Foley brings out Kofi Kingston, Team Hell No and Randy Orton, the rest of his team. Mick wants to let everyone air out their differences; Kane and Bryan get into a fight over who starts. Bryan wins and complains of Kane insinuating he is the weak link of the team. Kane thanks Miz for being a great tag partner on Monday and his back feels much better not having to carry any weak partners. Bryan says without him, he’d still be roaming basements and scaring little children; Kane retorts with he does that regardless. They get into an “I’m the tag team champions” fight until Kofi intervenes. Miz takes offense to Kingston playing peacekeeper and mentions the kick off the aborted handshake from last week. Kofi threatens to kick him again. Foley cuts in and talks to Orton about being the voice of reason. Didn’t Randy kick Foley down the stairs once? Orton mentions their history (thumbtacks and spitting him his face) but he likes Foley the most of all his ring mates. Orton does not like any of his partners nor does he trust them. Team Ziggler, sans Cody Rhodes, come onto the stage. Dolph Ziggler, back to wearing pink, calls Team Foley the definition of dysfunction. The heels don’t have egos they are united behind him, the charismatic leader. Alberto Del Rio is paying zero attention, instead talking to Riccardo Rodriguez, which upsets Dolph. ADR feels that he deserves to be the captain. He and Del Rio get into a debate over where this conversation should take place. Foley taunts him about team unity. Mick mentions that Booker T gave him some booking power tonight and makes Ziggler and ADR versus Miz and Orton. Dolph likes the match and is happy he quit his team because they have someone way better to replace him, Wade Barrett. Wade says that Dolph is making him blush and adds that they’ve replaced a quitter with a winner. Foley then books Barrett versus Kane. Wade looks okay with it but Bryan no’s his way into the conversation. Damien Sandow finally has something to say; he rips Kane for injuring Rhodes. He then makes fun of Kingston so the match is booked, next… 6.5/10 I like this opening segment as it promotes the reason that Survivor Series exists; it also sets up mutiny on both teams. This match at the PPV should be a glorious trainwreck and they are booking it as such. The WWE has to be very careful with Miz, not to turn him into the generic smiling babyface, or worse yet, the annoying character he was when he first debuted as the SmackDown host. He needs to keep the huge ego just be less asshole, because fans can sniff out fake, this is John Cena’s biggest problem.

Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow:   This match is like a throwback to some early nineties in terms of ring gear (neon yellow and hot pink) and is going to burn my retinas out. Sandow opens with a headlock takeover; Kingston frees himself but eats a shoulderblock. Sandow tries to run the ropes, which is never smart against Kofi; he gets a trio of leapfrogs and a jumping reverse elbow. Sandow of course runs away. Sandow returns and tries a boot but Kofi catches him with a pair of armdrags. Damien sneaks in a knee and takes over briefly before Kofi counters a hiplock into a monkey flip. Sandow regroups again on the floor. He overaggressively chases Sandow around the ring and gets caught reentering; the advantage does not last long as Kingston gets a nearfall off a dropkick. Kingston busts out some fancy legwork with a heel-hook kick and some additional soccer-style kicks. Damien tries to pitch Kofi to the floor but gets reversed; Kingston suicide dives out onto Sandow as we head to break. We return with Kingston still in control but a Sandow elbow in the corner cuts that off. Kingston continues to fight however but Sandow keeps him at bay with a flip-over neckbreaker for two. Damien locks in a chinlock and rubs Kofi’s face in the mat. The Russian leg sweep sets up the Cubito Aequet follow; Kingston reverses a whip but telegraphs a backdrop, Sandow charges… right into a double chop and a comeback. Kofi with a pair of chops, dropkicks and Superman punch; the Boom Drop follows that and the end is near for Sandow. Sandow realizes the TIP is coming rolls away but gets caught in a springboard crossbody, for two. Sandow tries another rolling neckbreaker but gets backdropped. Sandow again heads into the ropes; Kofi goes for it again and gets caught again as Sandow kicks his leg out of his leg and schoolboys him with trunks to get the pinfall. 5/10 Brains beat athleticism here as Sandow just pinned the IC Champion; this technically should make him the next logical number one contender. Depending on Cody’s injury, perhaps this will come to fruition much quicker than if Team Rhodes Scholars were healthy.

Here is your winner… Damien Sandow @ about 6:00 via schoolboy (with trunks) for pinfall.

In the parking lot of the arena Sheamus awaits the Big Show. After the break the WWE catches us all up to speed on the AJ Scandal.

Natalya, Layla & Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres, Aksana & Alicia Fox:   I guess we had another babyface/heel switch with Nattie and Alicia. Speaking of Natalya, she starts with Aksana; he kicks her and works the arm. Nattie uses the Owen rolling nip-up to counter and tag in Layla. She slaps Aksana’s ass (giggity) and then she and Nattie hit a double clothesline. Layla with a Tush Push for two more; Alicia tags in and she whiplashes Layla onto the back of her head. She nails the Northern-Lights suplex for two. Eve tags and slams Layla and hits a rolling senton. Torres works over Layla with chokes and kicks as the commentators argue over the existence of aliens and the AJ Scandal. Fox tags back in and kicks away; she fumbles the ball and allows a tag to Kaitlyn. She runs in a house of fire with shoulderblocks and a flapjack. The match falls apart as Nattie and Aksana cancel each other out. Kaitlyn dropkicks Alicia into Eve and finishes her with a reverse DDT. 2/10 Usual stuff from the divas just that there were six of them this time, essentially the entire diva roster. The Kaitlyn push continues as she has the title shot at the PPV.

Here are your winners… Kaitlyn, Natalya & Layla @ about 3:10 via reverse DDT pinfall.

Sheamus is still in the back and is approached by GM Booker T. Book tells him that Sheamus is putting him in a bad position. He convinces him to leave the parking lot on one condition, that Show meets him in the ring later tonight. Booker tells him to stay in check tonight and threatens him if things get out of hand.

Randy Orton & The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez):   Ziggler and Miz start off and Dolph works the arm; he tosses Dolph off the ropes but gets tackled with a shoulderblock. Ziggler runs the ropes so Miz flapjacks him. Ziggler and Miz trade punches until Dolph pitches him to the floor. Del Rio knocks Orton off the apron leaving both babyfaces sprawled across the floor. Back from commercial, Ziggler has Orton in a chinlock. Randy begins a fight back but Ziggler cuts it off in the most en vogue way: a kneelift. Ziggler drops a few elbows and tags in ADR. Del Rio kicks in the corner; Orton fights back and stomps him in the opposite corner. The ref pushes him back so Del Rio takes advantage with a Backstabber armbreaker. Dolph returns and stamps him down and tries the arrogant cover which serves to fire Orton up; he hits a few uppercuts and a backdrop. Miz gets a rather nasty tag and runs in to pummel Dolph in the corner; the Awesome Clothesline connects for the hometown boy. He heads up top for a double axe handle, for two. Ziggler reverses a cross-corner whip but runs afoul of a big boot. Miz to the second rope but Del Rio slides down the apron and pushes him to the floor. Dolph puts him off the barricade and back in the ring Team Ziggler takes over on Miz. ADR tags and beats on Miz in a neutral corner; the ref pulls him back so Ziggler takes advantage and ADR hits the step-up enziguri, for two. ADR goes to the arm. Miz tries to fight back but ADR aggressively beats him up but charges and gets backdropped, over the post, to the floor. Orton gets the second hot tag of the evening and he hits a lot of clotheslines and a scoop powerslam; Dolph rushes in and takes one as well. He snags Del Rio in the Viper DDT and fires the crowd up… Miz blind tags himself in and steals the win with a Scull-Crushing Finale for the pinfall. Post-match, Orton nails Miz with an RKO. 6/10 Fun tag match as Miz pulled a Daniel Bryan much to the chagrin of Orton who got his revenge selling the “doesn’t play well with others” character trait. It also paints a lot of possible dissention in both teams.

Here are your winners… Randy Orton and The Miz @ about 11:20 (broadcast) via Skull-Crushing Finale pinfall.

Sheamus comes out. He tells Big Show that he has gone too far, attacking him and William Regal. He was looking forward to the match at Survivor Series, but now he’s pissed off and wants to fight now. Show answers and tell him nothing will happen tonight; he admits that he is scared… for Sheamus. Show tells Sheamus that he should thank him; Sheamus is about to attack him. Booker T comes out to protect his PPV main event. He ejects Sheamus from the building. 2/10 All that did was sell Sheamus’ anger with Show, which could have been accomplished in a backstage promo, it also allows Booker to exercise his authority on a babyface, which is rare.

In the back Big Show tries to pal around with Booker T; Booker tells him that he’s in the main event against a mystery opponent. Show asks a bit apprehensively if it is against Sheamus. Booker tells him that it’s not against him and reminds him that no one is bigger than “the Show.”

Kane vs. Wade Barrett:   Wade kicks Show at the bell and immediately nails the Winds of Change. That was sudden. I like the fact that they are going with different color trunks with Barrett, too many wrestlers are wearing black again. Barrett gets his whip reversed and Kane boots him down and clotheslines him to the floor. Back in the ring, Kane hits the top-rope diving clothesline. All of a sudden all of Team Ziggler runs to the ring and attack Kane. He does pretty well for himself until Daniel Bryan comes to his partner’s aid. Where is the rest of Team Foley? Barrett and Damien Sandow handle Bryan as Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio beat on Kane. Mick Foley appears on the stage beckoning the rest of the team. Kofi Kingston shows up and attacks Barrett; Randy Orton, with music, runs in to even the odds (since Cody Rhodes is injured). Sandow and Ziggler both take RKOs as Foley’s team clears the ring. The Miz finally appears on the stage and gives mean looks to Orton. 3.5/10 Huge Survivor team brawl that usually ends the show, similar to the one before the Rumble; sells the semi-team unity of the babyfaces. They can handle the heel team if they stay on the same page… but can they?

Here is your winner… Kane @ about 1:00 via DQ.

A full Raw recap is shown.

Sin Cara vs. Antonio Cesaro:   R-Truth and Little Jimmy join for commentary. Cesaro takes Cara out with a waistlock takedown. Cara comes back with a step-up-the-ropes ‘rana. Cesaro catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and kicks him in the small of the back. Cesaro hits his delayed gutwrench suplex and a European uppercut to the BACK of the head. Antonio tries a hiplock but Cara bounces off the ropes into an armdrag. Cara then nails an extremely complicated tilt-a-whirl head scissors. The pendulum kick and a springboard Frankensteiner, for a nearfall; Cesaro comes back with the Very European Uppercut and Equalizer for the pinfall. Post-match, Truth quotes another Little Jimmy… “Hacksaw” Jimmy Duggan with a USA chant to annoy Cesaro. 3.5/10 Surprising squash for Cesaro; they are at least keeping the champions strong, at least some of them. The WWE sees a lot on Cara but the infamous botches in the ring may have sealed a little of his fate.

Here is your winner… Antonio Cesaro @ about 4:10 via Equalizer pinfall.

The Great Khali vs. Big Show:   Khali is the mystery opponent thus guaranteeing this match will not eclipse a two. The last time these two fought Show kayoed Khali in about a minute. This week is Diwali but I’m sure Show doesn’t care. Show opens with kicks and tries the Shush Chip in the corner but Khali reverses it and show sells it like a gunshot. Khali keeps the advantage for a while and even gets Show to one knee. He clubs Shoe down and head-butts him on his ass; Khali channels his inner heel, choking Show in the bottom rope; Show fights back and SPEARS Khali, for two. Show looks for a chokeslam but Khali breaks the grip and hits the Head Chop! Show kicks out at two. Khali is shocked. He signals for the Punjabi Plunge but Show cuts that off with a body blow and nails the WMD, knocking Khali out once again, and gets the pinfall. Post-match, Sheamus’ music hits and freaks Show out. Show leaves and heads into his bus but Sheamus is waiting and attacks him. Show gets the better of him and launches him into the windshield of a parked car. Sheamus fights back and puts Show into another windshield of a different car. Booker T and a gaggle of WWE Officials pull the Irishman off. 1.5/10 Show knocked out Khali, which was the best part of the match, which is the entire score, the rest of the match was terrible.

Here is your winner… Big Show @ about 3:45 via WMD pinfall.

OVERALL 5.5/10 Not too bad; they promoted Survivor Series well and defiantly sold the anger in the World title match. The other big questions are will the traditional Survivor Series teams coexist?