“On the Marc” Survivor Series 1995 Review

USAir Arena, Landover, Maryland; November 19, 1995

Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Mr. Perfect

This show is available on the WWE Survivor Series Anthology, Vol. 2 – 1992-1996 DVD.

Mr. Perfect gets his own entrance.

The Underdogs: Barry Horowitz, Marty Jannetty, Bob “Spark Plug” Holly & Hakushi vs. The Bodydonnas: Bodydonna Skip, Dr. Tom Pritchard, Rad Radford & 1-2-3 Kids (w/Ted Dibiase & Sunny):   Ted Dibiase “bought off” the fourth member of the Bodydonna team, Jean-Pierre Lafitte, so the 1-2-3 Kid could wrestle here. The Kid had just turned on Razor Ramon the week prior on Monday Night Raw, costing him a match to Sycho Sid (as the special referee), and joined Ted Dibiase; speaking of Razor Ramon here he comes towards the ring to try to get at the Kid but a gaggle of referees prevent it. Jannetty starts off with Dr. Tom; Jannetty gets caught in the wrong corner but he manages to make his own save and backdrops Pritchard. Holly and Rad Radford (Louie Spicolli in a grunge rock gimmick) go at it now; Holly hits a shoulderblock and a Frankensteiner, Radford tries it but Holly counters Radford’s hurracanrana into a powerbomb. Holly arm drags Radford, the “Bodydonna in training” and tags in Hakushi. Radford hits a spinebuster and tags in the 1-2-3 Kid who comes in via top-rope frogsplash for two. Skip tags in and tries a back superplex but Hakushi reverses into a crossbody midway down and tags Bob Holly back in. Holly and Skip run the ropes and each take turns leapfrogging each other until Bob Holly winds up with a backdrop. Pritchard tags in as the crowd chants “Barry”; Dr. Tom hits a gutwrench sit-out powerbomb. A slam and Pritchard ascends the buckles only to miss a moonsault; Holly to the top and hits a top-rope crossbody and ELIMINATES Tom Pritchard via pinfall.

Skip runs in and schoolboys Holly to pin and ELIMINATE Bob Holly.

Hakushi runs in and reverse leg sweeps and hits enziguri mule kick on Skip; Hakushi tries a second rope pump-splash but Skip gets his knees up. Skip props Hakushi on the top rope and hits a nice top-rope Frankensteiner but himself collapses as well, for some odd reason. The Kid gets a tag and he kicks away on Hakushi but Hakushi comes back with a handspring elbow in the corner and a running cross-chop; top-rope shoulderblock by Hakushi gets a nearfall. Hakushi misses a springboard splash as Razor Ramon and a few babyfaces watch the match from a monitor in the back. Radford gets a tag and the Kid sneaks a kick to the back of Hakushi’s head allowing Radford to pin him with a handful of tights; Hakushi is ELIMINATED.

Horowitz runs in to check on his downed partner and Radford immediately attacks him; the Kid tags in as the fans are already rallying behind Horowitz. The Kid unloads with all of his kicks in the corner; Barry fires back, off of a telegraphed backdrop, but the Kid fires back and brings in Radford who drops Barry into a textbook gutwrench suplex. Radford picks up Horowitz at two and Barry comes back with a jawjacker; Radford comes back again and again picks Horowitz up off a pinfall attempt, per the instructions of Skip. Radford continues the punishment with a Hennig neck snap; nice Northern Lights suplex by Radford but gets a two. Radford stops to do some awful pushups so Horowitz rolls him up for three, ELIMINATING Rad Radford.

Skip and Sunny yell at Radford and then turns right into Horowitz; Barry hits a reverse elbow and tosses Skip into the ropes where he blind-tags in the Kid. The Kid dropkicks the back of Horowitz’s head and hits a legdrop for three ELIMINATING Barry Horowitz.

Marty Jannetty comes in against Skip who misses a corner charge and crotches himself against the buckles. Skip gets a kick in on a telegraphed backdrop; Skip tries a powerslam but Jannetty counters into a German suplex attempt but Skip turns that into a powerbomb attempt however Jannetty slips down his back into a sunset flip for two. Jannetty hits the Rocker Dropper; Jannetty climbs to the top but Sunny hops up on the apron to trip him up. Skip climbs up and tries to backdrop him but Jannetty hits a super powerbomb off the top rope to get the pinfall; Bodydonna Skip is ELIMINATED.

The Kid runs in and hits a diving clothesline and then a spinning leg lariat. 1-2-3 Kid to the top and hits an Off-ramp for two. Running corner dropkick by the Kid; he bodyslams Jannetty and goes to the top again but misses a somersault senton. Jannetty fires back and hits a dropkick, which draws Sycho Sid down to ringside. Jannetty no-sells Sid’s presence and continues the beating. Jannetty hits the Rocker Dropper but the Kid gets his feet on the ropes. Dibiase distracts the referee allowing Sid to hotshot Jannetty’s throat off the top rope; the Kid crawls to the cover and gets three and Marty Jannetty is ELIMINATED, therefore the 1-2-3 Kid is the sole-survivor. 7/10 The result was a little easy to call but the ride sure was fun. There were some innovative maneuvers that are rarely seen in the WWF and some storyline as well. Horowitz was sure over once he became the lovable underdog babyface; fans always seemed to gravitate towards Jannetty as well. The Kid was the one guy in the match destined for more than above average jobber status, though.

In the back Razor Ramon is angry at the 1-2-3 Kid’s victory and destroys the monitor he was watching the match on. Meanwhile Todd Pettingill is with Jim Cornette and his teammates complain about having Razor stuck on his team tonight.

Team Blayze: Alundra Blaze, Sakie Hasegawa, Kyoko Inoue, & Chapparita Asari vs. Team Bertha: Bertha Faye, Aja Kong, Tomoko Watanabe & Lioness Asuka (w/Harvey Wippleman):   Alundra is the WWF Women’s champion here; the WWF was trying to push Aja Kong as the next dominant female force, but Blayze’s defecting to WCW (and throwing the WWF Women’s title in the garbage on an infamous live Monday Nitro) put the kibosh on that. Asari and Lioness Asuka start off and Asuka hits a rolling wheel kick and then whirls her in a long giant swing. Asari flips out of a back suplex and tags in Alundra Blayze. Blaze plants Lioness Asuka with a slam and Asari comes off the top rope with a Sky Twister Press; Blaze returns and hits a German suplex for the three and Lioness Asuka is ELIMINATED.

Tomoko Watanabe comes in and stomps but then celebrates and misses a moonsault press by about ten feet. I mean, Blayze was at her feet on the buckles before she took off with the moonsault! Blayze climbs to the top and jumps off with a body press to the floor. Hasegawa tags in and hits FIVE rolling butterfly suplexes on Watanabe. Tomoko Watanabe counters a whip with a running vertical senton and then ascends the buckles and hits a top-rope seated senton. Aja Kong tags in, or “the big one” if you are Vince McMahon; she takes a crescent kick and hits a pair of wheelbarrow suplexes. Hasegawa climbs up to the top but eats a kick on the way down; Aja Kong finishes her with a backdrop driver to ELIMINATE Sakie Hasegawa.

Asari charges in and bounces off of Kong on a crossbody attempt. Kong slams her and squashes her with a second-rope splash and Chapparita Asari is ELIMINATED.

Alundra comes in to give Kong a try; Kyoko Inoue quickly tags in and floor Kong with a few lariats. Inoue tries a sunset flip but Kong sits on her and pins her to ELIMINATE Kyoko Inoue.

Poor Alundra is alone three-on-one, now; they all try a triple team and Blayze fights them and Watanabe gets the honor of the fight. Blaze struggles to get Watanabe up in a piledriver but eventually does and gets the pinfall and Tomoko Watanabe is ELIMINATED.

Bertha waddles in and attacks Blayze from behind and hits an avalanche. Aja Kong and Bertha try a double team but it backfires and Blayze pins Bertha with a German suplex; Bertha Faye is ELIMINATED.

It is down to Aja Kong and Alundra Blayze; Kong hits a superplex and gets a nearfall. Aja tries a spinning back fist but Blayze ducks and tries a German suplex but Kong backs her into the corner and rams her with her ass a few times. Blayze hits a hurracanrana and a missile dropkick; backflip splash gets two. Alundra tries to go up again but Kong yanks her off; Kong hits a few running standing splashes. Spinning back fist gets three for Aja and Alundra Blayze is ELIMINATED and Aja Kong is the sole survivor. 6/10 Good match with a bunch of unique moves that the WWF fans were not used to seeing. As soon as Alundra left the WWF the Women’s title would disappear and wouldn’t be seen until mid-1998 in the Jacqueline/Sable feud and then it became about T&A.

Todd Pettingill talks to a Bill Clinton Impersonator who during Bam Bam Bigelow’s entrance; Bigelow’s pyro scares the crap out of the secret service as they protect the “president”.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Goldust:   This was extremely early in Goldust’s run after winning his first PPV match; this is his first shot at an upper-midcarder. Goldust cuts a pre-match promo where he references some classic movie lines; he used to do that a lot in his earlier days. Goldust takes so long during his ring entrance that his music has to reset. Bam Bam is not quite sure what to do with Goldust so he takes over on offense, which is unfortunately boring, Bigelow begins to fire back so Goldust takes a powder on the floor. Early Goldust was tremendously over but tremendously boring. Bam Bam gets frustrated and begins to dominate but Goldust uses his weirdness to retain the advantage and punches Bigelow against the ringpost. Goldust misses a punch and hits the ringpost; Bam Bam drags him back to the ring. Goldust recovers and stomps Bigelow upon his reentry and clobbers Bam Bam with a clothesline back to the floor. Bam Bam begins to head-butt but Goldust gets a shot into the midsection and a knee lift. Goldust applies a front facelock adding head twists and then tosses him to the floor; Goldust tosses Bam Bam into the ring steps. Bigelow gets a backdrop suplex in but misses a stalling head-butt; Goldust gets a nearfall. Goldust settles into a head crank; Bam Bam powers up into an Electric Chair to break the hold but cannot follow up so Goldust continues his dominance. Bigelow eats a running clothesline and Goldust drops a knee for two; Goldust reapplies the side headlock but Bigelow back suplexes out. Bam Bam builds momentum and hits a clothesline. He tosses him into the corner but Bigelow misses an avalanche; Goldust quickly follows up with a running bulldog for three. 2/10 Boring, but short, squash match; Bigelow fell out of favor with the Kilq when they did not appreciate him main eventing WrestleMania XI (full review, click hereover Diesel and Shawn Michaels, rumor says it was mainly Shawn. Unfortunately for Bigelow, the Kilq was in firm control here so his star fell drastically until he eventually left the WWF for WCW and ECW.

Todd Pettingill is with the Bill Clinton Impersonator and Mr. Bob Backlund; Backlund references the “800,000 irrelevant government employees” from 1995.

The history between King Mabel and the Undertaker started at King of the Ring where he defeated the Taker en route to winning the King of the Ring; fast-forward to the month prior to Survivor Series where Mabel, with Yokozuna’s help, crushed Undertaker’s face with a series of legdrops and splashes. Taker has not been seen since and is making his return here.

The Dark Side: Undertaker, Fatu, Savio Vega & Henry O. Godwinn (w/Paul Bearer) vs. The Royals: King Mabel, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Isaac Yankem, DDS. & Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Sir Mo):   Fatu was in his “makin’ a difference” phase, wedged between Headshrinker Fatu and the Sultan prior to Rikishi. Yankem would of course eventually become Kane. Undertaker has a mask on that looks like bones; not sure if they were trying to make us believe that was the way he actually looked now or that it was a mask. Lawler has awesome shiny gold tights on. Fatu starts off with Helmsley; this was early in Hunter’s career so he is really skinny, holds his hand behind his back and bows a lot. Fatu knocks him down a few times and backdrops him. Helmsley tries a Pedigree but looks at the Undertaker and scares himself. Helmsley rams Fatu’s head into the buckle, yeah he tried it, and Fatu levels him with a clothesline. Henry Godwinn tags in and these two were feuding, involving the infamous “Hog Pen Match”, Helmsley tags out to Lawler, who immediately tags out to Isaac Yankem. Heel. Yankem levels Godwinn but he comes back with a hiptoss and a slam. Godwinn tries a bulldog but Yankem tosses him into the turnbuckles and hits a back suplex on the rebound; now, Hunter tags in and hits a European uppercut. Mr. Perfect calls him Triple H on commentary, for the first time ever. Hunter hits a high knee but gets two; Godwinn presses Helmsley and tries to toss him over the top but the referee stops him so he press-slams him into the ring. Lawler tags in again as does Savio Vega; Lawler’s mullet was out of control here. Lawler runs into a hiptoss and Vega does the Savio dance. Lawler gets a backdrop but celebrates too long and gets dropkicked into the babyface corner and pinballed. Fatu returns and tosses Lawler into the turnbuckle a few times. Yankem gets a knee in from the apron and Lawler takes over with some fist drops. Isaac tags in and hits a bodyslam and a legdrop; King Mabel comes in and misses an avalanche and Fatu tags in Savio. Vega charges into a Bossman Slam and dominates. The heels isolate Savio and then Mabel hits a release suplex; Yankem and Mabel double head-butt Savio and Isaac hits a dropkick. Hunter tags back in and more triple teaming in the corner follows and then Helmsley drops a knee. Hunter whips Vega into a clothesline from Mabel on the apron and Lawler tags back in. Lawler clobbers Vega with a nice piledriver but Savio kicks out? Yankem comes back in and the triple teaming continues; Savio comes back with an uranage slam (Rock Bottom). Lawler cuts a tag off and hits another piledriver, but Savio no-sells again and tags in the Undertaker. Uh, oh… Lawler tries to tag out but everyone drops off the apron in fear; Undertaker Tree slams Lawler and Tombstones him. Jerry Lawler is ELIMINATED.

Isaac Yankem comes in, I think we may see more of this feud someday; Taker kills him with a flying 360º clothesline. Tombstone follows and Isaac Yankem is ELIMINATED.

Helmsley comes in, I think we may see them main event WrestleMania someday; Hunter tries to escape but Godwinn threatens to slop him. Taker goozles him and chokeslams him from the apron into the ring; Hunter Hearst Helmsley is ELIMINATED.

Mabel sneaks in and hits a belly-to-belly suplex and hits a legdrop; Mable dances so Taker sits up. Mabel freaks out and runs off taking a count out so Undertaker chokeslams Sir Mo; Mabel is ELIMINATED and Undertaker, Fatu, Savio Vega and Henry Godwinn are the survivors. 4.5/10 There is only a one thing I can say about this match… don’t piss off the Undertaker.

Bret Hart discusses the main event and tonight and calls it a battle and ponders if he is still the best, but he’ll find out tonight. He tells Diesel “the truck stops here”. Diesel says he is going to take care of Bret tonight and the British Bulldog at the In Your House 5: Season’s Beatings. Diesel says he ain’t punching a clock and plans on ending it early.

Elsewhere, Jim Cornette is with the other wild card team now, playing both sides, now supporting the British Bulldog; Ted Dibiase does not care who is on his team as long as there is a win. Shawn Michaels comes in and makes a few gay jokes and is ready for the wild card match.

Team HBK: Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, British Bulldog & Sycho Sid (w/Ted Dibiase & Jim Cornette) vs. Team Yoko: Yokozuna, Owen Hart, Razor Ramon & Dean Douglas (w/Mr. Fuji) Wild Card Match:   Interim WWF president Gorilla Monsoon fucked with the original teams and mixed them up, for our viewing pleasure; Razor is the IC champion here. Just to clarify a few things; Sid, Bulldog, Owen, Douglas and Yoko are heels and Shawn, Razor, Ahmed (making his WWF PPV debut) are the babyfaces. With Shawn a babyface here Vince McMahon can say “Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn Michaels” during his entrance. Shawn starts off with Owen Hart; Owen hiptosses him but Shawn kicks him off. Owen tosses Michaels over the top so Shawn head scissors him and skins the cat back inside. He pescados to the floor but lands on his feet and then whacks Cornette on his rear with his own tennis racket; HBK tosses Owen back in but Owen scores with a belly-to-belly suplex off the ropes. Dean Douglas tags in and vertical suplexes him and works the back of Shawn’s injured head. Michaels hits a flying forearm; Mr. Perfect speculates that Shawn “made up” the story about being attacked in Syracuse, New York and forfeited the title to keep from being pinned. A lot of people subscribe to that theory (including Douglas). Michaels comes off the top with a double axe handle for a nearfall; Dean gets the advantage via knee in the corner and slams him. Douglas tries a second-rope pump-splash but it misses; Shawn turns around and hits a moonsault press but Owen breaks up the pinfall. HBK tags in Ahmed who destroys Owen and Douglas; Yoko lumbers in and Ahmed tries to bodyslam him, which allows the heels to take over on him. Yoko hammers away on Johnson and rakes the back. Douglas tags in and applies a headlock; Owen charges in without a tag. The heels isolate Ahmed in the corner and even Razor gets a few licks in. Double clothesline by Owen and Douglas gets a nearfall for the Dean; Ahmed comes back with a powerslam with tongue. HBK returns and Johnson press-slams him into Douglas for a nearfall; Dean avoids Sweet Chin Music and slides to the floor. Ramon, who Dean was feuding with, comes over to actually check on his teammate but gets shoved. Shawn and Douglas fight over an O’Connor roll. Douglas wins but HBK’s kick out sends Dean into Razor on the apron; Ramon gives him a shot and Shawn schoolboys him for three. Dean Douglas is ELIMINATED.

Owen runs into a drop-toehold and Shawn tags in Davey Boy; the brothers-in-law get into a shoving match, then they try to shake hands but both nail each other with their free hands. Bulldog backdrops Owen but he comes back with a spinning wheel kick for two. Shawn returns and Owen tags in Razor; Ramon points up indicating no belt hanging above the ring, referencing their two classic ladder matches from WrestleMania X (full review, click here) and Summerslam ’95 (full review, click here). They shrug a lot and eventually lock up; they run the ropes and Shawn tosses Razor over the top pissing him off, Razor charges in and clotheslines him. Shawn hits a flying forearm; Ramon catches Shawn with a Razor’s Edge, out of nowhere, but Ahmed breaks up the pinfall. Shawn drops his head on a backdrop and Ramon knee lifts him; they hit head to head again and spend more time on the canvas in lieu of actual wrestling. Shawn tags in Sid who sledges away on Ramon and then punches away in the corner and then hiptosses him across the ring. Sid stomps and shouts at the crowd. Yoko comes in and gets in a few shots trying to help Ramon out; Sid punches a lot, Ramon finally tries to come back but they double clothesline each other for a KO spot. Sid goes up to the top because he’s loony and all; Ramon Flairs him off the top and gets a nearfall. Sid catches him with the one-handed chokeslam. Sid tags in Shawn and holds Razor up for the Sweet Chin Music; a heel/face miscommunication causes Sid to be nailed with the superkick. Shawn shrugs and Razor goes to pin Sid, who is not the legal man, Shawn is but no one catches it including the referee. The Bulldog charges in to break up the pinfall but misses and accidentally legdrops Sid, I think. Ramon crawls back over, as if he got nailed, and pins Sid. Sycho Sid is ELIMINATED in a rather odd fashion.

The Bulldog runs in and nails Razor; meanwhile Sid gets mad at Shawn and powerbombs him before he leaves. The Bulldog leaves the ring for the apron, as if Shawn is/was the legal man; I’m lost in the legalities of the match. Owen gets a tag, okay he’s legal and stomps on Shawn, who I guess would have been legal since Sid tagged him, but Sid took a pinfall in between. Whatever. Owen stomps HBK’s midsection and hits a backbreaker and a backdrop. Yoko tags in and mauls Michaels in the corner; Yokozuna flings Shawn into the other corner for a wicked upside-down flip. Yoko applies a trapezius hold with Owen sneaking in and getting a few stomps in; Shawn fights free and gets leveled with a reverse elbow. Owen tags in and hits a vertical suplex but misses a top-rope splash. HBK tags in Ahmed Johnson who wipes out Owen and Razor; Pearl River Plunge to Owen and Owen Hart is ELIMINATED.

Ramon comes in and peppers Ahmed with jabs; Razor sets up for the second-rope bulldog but Ahmed wanders way too far from the corner so Ramon has to jump down and walk over and bulldog him. Ramon takes out all three opponents but runs into a spinebuster from Johnson; Ahmed, the genius, wanders over to the corner and celebrates on the second rope in lieu of pinning. Razor walks over and catches him in a Razor’s Edge. The Bulldog comes in, I guess receiving a tag, as Dibiase returns to ringside bringing Sid back and the 1-2-3 Kid to the ring; Ramon hits a fall-away slam for two. The Kid pulls Razor’s leg; Ramon gives him a shot but it allowing the Davey Boy to nail him with the Bulldog powerslam for three. Razor Ramon is ELIMINATED.

Yoko is alone three-on-one but I think he outweighs three of his opponents combined. HBK comes into the ring and tries Yokozuna but gets floored. Yoko dominates with a bodyslam and kills him with the Hulkbuster legdrop; he goes for the Banzai Drop but Michaels moves at the last possible moment. Shawn crawls to the corner and tags Ahmed who bodyslams Yoko, sort of; the Bulldog runs in and breaks up the pinfall to the chagrin of his teammates, HBK and Ahmed double clothesline Davey Boy to the floor. Shawn superkicks Yokozuna and Ahmed splashes him for three. Yokozuna is ELIMINATED; Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson and the British Bulldog are the survivors. Post-match Davey Boy and Cornette celebrate with HBK and Ahmed which is funny. 8/10 This match was really fun with the babyface/babyface and heel/heel match-ups. The wrestling was good and fast paced with one Yoko nerve hold slowing it down; everyone in the ring was pretty talented at this point so it leads to a good match.

Todd Pettingill talks to Bill Clinton Impersonator who has Sunny in his lap; “Clinton” offers her a “position” on the “Oval Office”.

They show a bunch of clips from the past two Bret Hart/Diesel matches with interviews spliced between the highlights. Same stuff Bret is going to try to last as long as possible to wear Diesel out whereas Diesel is going to try got the knockout punch (Jackknife) early. Mr. Perfect picks Bret, the wrestler to win, while Jim Ross picks Diesel, the Hoss to win.

WWF Heavyweight Championship Dieselvs. Bret “Hitman” Hart no DQ, no count out:   The WWF has been running on Diesel power for approximately a year since he won the title from Bob Backlund, a day after he defeated the Hitman; Bret looks at the title pre-match like Mr. Big looks at Carrie Bradshaw for sex. Diesel removes a turnbuckle so Bret does the same as they try to out psyche each other. Bret goes for the legs but Diesel hammers away; Diesel mauls Bret in the corner. Bret escapes to the floor so Diesel follows him and hits Snake Eyes off the guard rail. Diesel methodically tosses him back into the ring so Bret rolls out forcing Diesel to go out after him again; Diesel chokes Bret against the guard rail with his boot. Diesel keeps things in his favor and tosses him into the ring steps and posts his back. Diesel grabs a chair and nails Bret in the back; problem it was a padded chair and Diesel uses the padded side. Back in the ring, Diesel tosses Bret around and clotheslines him; he calls for the Jackknife but Bret grabs his leg to block and bites himself free. Bret hops up on Diesel’s back and rakes his face; Hart finally starts to work over the leg and forces him to his back, where he is the same size as Bret. The Hitman gets in a few rope-assisted sit down splashes to the leg. Bret applies a figure-four leglock; just like before Diesel’s long arms allow him to grab the ropes. Bret won’t let go, why should he? It’s no DQ. Bret relinquishes the hold and stomps away on the bad leg; Hart goes for the Sharpshooter but Diesel rakes the eyes to counter. Bret goes again but Diesel kicks him off and Bret hits the back of his head on one of the exposed turnbuckles. Diesel hobbles around the ring and hammers Bret down; Bret slides to the floor and wraps Diesel’s leg around the ringpost a few times. Bret ties an extension cord around the ringpost and then ties it to Diesel’s bad leg. Clever. Diesel gets to his feet but the electrical cord causes him to stumble and Bret hits a second-rope axe handle. Bret grabs a chair but Diesel uses the other leg to boot Bret away; Diesel crumbles to the mat however, Bret recovers and jabs the chair into his bad leg a few times. Bret slams Diesel into a backbreaker and rolls to the floor and climbs to the top with a chair; Diesel crotches Bret, who drops the chair, Diesel then Flairs Bret off the top. Diesel unties his leg but Bret is right there; Diesel chokes him with the extension cord. Diesel barely can hit the sidewalk slam due to the bad leg; Diesel sends Bret chest first into the padless turnbuckle. Diesel sets Bret up and walks, in lieu of charging across the ring, and hits against the ropes leg splash. Diesel drops Bret into a Snake Eyes, in a corner with a turnbuckle pad, he tries another Snake Eyes into a padless turnbuckle but Bret counters and rams Diesel into steel. Bret hits a Hart Attack clothesline, a second-rope bulldog and a side Russian-leg sweep, all for two counts. Bret clotheslines Diesel to the floor but then misses a follow-up spinning pescado. Diesel gets back into the ring; Bret hops up on the apron but Diesel shoulderblocks him off the apron and Bret flies through the Spanish announce table. You can quickly catch Bret shaking his head “yes” to Diesel’s “are you okay?” Diesel drags him back into the ring and tries a Jackknife but Bret collapses; he tries again but Bret snaps up and sneaks in an inside cradle for three. Wow, what a match. Post-match, Diesel completely blows a gasket, knocks out referee Earl Hebner and kills Bret with a Jackknife. Referees Jack Doan, Tim White and Mike Chioda run down and promptly get decimated by an angry Diesel; he Jackknifes Bret Hart again. Diesel celebrates and says “I’m back!” and leaves. 9/10 This was one hell of main event match; Bret always brought good storyline and psychology into a match and Diesel played his part well and sold the legwork, surprise and anger in the loss. This was the transition into the tweener Diesel that he used up until he left for WCW and continued into the nWo later into 1996.

OVERALL 7/10 The PPV was highly entertaining with good wrestling; interesting match-ups (via the wild card match). The women’s match was good and the Undertaker’s new bad ass-like character was born here as well. Good PPV in a year that did not have too many of them. The only big drawback is that it is a Kliq ran, WWF: New Generation, card.

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  • DeepthroatGhoul

    Three things I should mention:

    1.For the BodyDonnas (Skip’s team) vs. Underdogs (Horowitz’s team) match, 1-2-3 Kid substituted for Jean-Pierre Lafitte on the BodyDonnas and Bob Holly substituted for Avatar (Al Snow) on the Underdogs.

    2.Another cool thing about the Dark Side vs. Royals match was that Savio, Henry, and Fatu all looked great in those Undertaker t-shirts they were wearing.

    3.This Survivor Series not only brought Diesel’s miserable title reign to an end, but it also killed off some characters that really needed to go.


    Just watched the Main Event on a Bret Hart DVD. The commentators (McMahon, Ross, and Hennig) spoke positively of Bret early in the match, but really bury him in favor of Diesel as time goes on. I think I remember reading that in Bret’s book, and it’s definitely true.