"On the Marc" Survivor Series 2004 Review

From the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, Texas; November 14, 2004

Commentators: Raw Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler SmackDown Michael Cole & Tazz

Championship’s roll call: WWE Champion: John “Bradshaw” Layfield… World Champion: Triple H… Intercontinental Champion: Shelton Benjamin United States Champion: Carlito Caribbean Cool… WWE Tag Team Champions: René Duprée & Kenzo Suzuki… World Tag Team Champions La Résistance… Cruiserweight Champion: Spike Dudley… Women’s Champion: Trish Stratus

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Spike Dudley vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Billy Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio fatal 4-way, non-elimination: Spike is a heel here and was known as “the Boss” of the Dudley Boyz. Rey goes after Spike and Guerrero pairs off with Kidman; Mysterio pummels Spike but eats a slam and double stomp. Spike then lunges for the other two and tosses Chavo into the buckles. Spike and Kidman team up for an assisted corner clothesline on Chavo; Kidman then goads Spike to follow up and then dropkicks him. He attacks Rey but eats a facebuster; Mysterio clotheslines him to the floor permitting a Chavo/Rey Lucha battle. They go through a series of complicated Lucha nearfalls and then Chavo tries a running powerbomb but takes a hurracanrana. Rey tries a springboard moonsault, but gets caught in the Tombstone position, so he arm drags free. Spike attacks him from behind and stamps away; he counters a float-over in the corner and boots Mysterio on the apron. Chavo returns and tries a back suplex but Spike flips free and they clothesline each other. Meanwhile, Kidman and Mysterio battle on the apron; Rey heads to the top and hurracanranas him off the apron. Impressive. Mysterio attempts a springboard wheelbarrow bulldog to Chavo but he blocks and tosses Mysterio out onto Kidman on the floor; Rey turns it into a seated senton. Chavo then pescados out onto the pile; Spike celebrates in the ring. In a twist on the usual high spot barrage; Spike, the hell, tries to pescado out onto the pile as well but everyone moves, and he splats on the floor. Chavo reenters and attacks Kidman with clotheslines and backdrops as Spike tosses Mysterio into the steel steps. He quickly reenters the ring to break up a Chavo pinfall and then atomic drops him; Rey returns but Spike launches him into the buckles. Rey misses another springboard moonsault but lands on his feet; he eats a boot from Spike and gets hurled under the bottom rope, lawn dart style. He heads up top but Chavo cuts him off and endeavors a superplex; Kidman runs over and we get the Tower of Doom. Rey tries to pick up the pieces with nearfalls on Guerrero and Dudley; Kidman interferes and chokes him in the corner with his boot. Kidman blocks a head scissors and hits the BK Bomb on Mysterio. The fans react positively (despite Kidman is a heel) as he heads to the top for the Shooting Star Press, but Guerrero knocks him to the floor. Spike lunges at Chavo like E. Honda and knocks him to the floor with a head-butt, leaving him and Rey in the ring. They run the ropes and Spike connects with another E. Honda head-butt. Mysterio counters the Dudley Dog and hits the 619; Chavo breaks up the West Coast Pop and hits the Gory Bomb on Spike but Kidman breaks up the lateral press with a slingshot legdrop. Mysterio takes himself and Kidman out with a slingshot head scissors. Meanwhile, Spike rolls atop Chavo for the pinfall to retain the title. 6.5/10 Not the spotfest disaster the Cruiserweight division would become in future years; this match had less wrestlers and a lot more time to develop. It was still spot after spot after spot but it was very entertaining regardless because of the talent involved.

In the back Paul Heyman psyches up Heidenreich for his match with the Undertaker; Gene Snitsky comes over and they breathe heavily at each other. Snitsky professes his enjoyment for Heidenreich’s poetry and the latter appreciates the former’s treatment of babies. Well that was bizarre, creepy, entertaining, homoerotic and insane all within thirty seconds.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian (w/Tomko): Christian debuts the Waterproof Blonde version of Just Close Your Eyes. They lock up and Benjamin works the arm; they trade hammerlocks and Christina works a front facelock. Shelton wrests free and Christian retreats to the ropes; Benjamin takes him out with a wastelock and retreats to the ropes again. Christian applies an arm wringer and pushes Benjamin down but he keeps nipping-up and slaps on a side headlock. They run the ropes and Benjamin hits a shoulderblock. Christian SLAPS Benjamin so Shelton slugs him down. They run the ropes again and Christian tosses Shelton over the top but he skins-the-cat back in and elbows a charging Christian; Benjamin then hits a beautiful springboard Over Castle for a nearfall. Christian takes over in the corner and chops the crap out of Shelton. He tries to monkey flip him but Shelton lands on his feet and then press-flapjacks a frustrated Christian; an Oklahoma roll nets a nearfall. Shelton looks for a superkick but Christian runs to the floor where Benjamin gives chase but runs into Tomko; Christian tries to take advantage but Shelton slugs him. Benjamin tries to get into the ring but Tomko grabs his ankle, frustrating Shelton into attempting a move off the apron, but Christian recovers and pushes him off into the barricade. On the floor, Christian tosses Shelton into the ring barricade and then chucks him back into the ring; he takes over with punches and chokes. Shelton gets a surprise crossbody off a whip for a nearfall; Christian quickly regains control with a neckbreaker and segues into a chinlock for a while. Benjamin begins a comeback but Christian momentums him to the floor where Tomko rams his back into the ring apron and then tosses him back into the ring for a two count; Christian hits a nice reverse tornado DDT. He chokes Benjamin in the ropes and plays to the crowd and puts the badmouth on him. Benjamin reverses a corner whip and Christian goes chest first into them. Shelton mounts a comeback with a leaping forearm and a Russian leg sweep for two. Christian gets in his face again and tries a reverse DDT but Benjamin counters into an inverted slingshot suplex. Benjamin misses the Stinger splash and Christian counters with an Impaler for two. The belt magically slides into the ring, well Tomko did it but the camera angle mad it look so; Tomko then distracts the referee as Christian gathers the belt. He charges but Shelton boots the belt back into his face. The referee turns and spots Christian with the belt; they fight over it and Shelton leaps off the top with a clothesline, for a nearfall. Tomko sneaks in the ring, whilst the referee is depositing the belt on the floor, and boots Benjamin in the face; Christian gets a nearfall. They exchange blows and Benjamin looks for the T-Bone Suplex; Tomko hops up onto the apron so Benjamin knocks him off with a Dragon Whip. Christian looks for the Unprettier but Benjamin slips out and nails the T-Bone Suplex for three. 7.5/10 Very good match; Christian can work a good match with anyone, he’s a good solid veteran, and helped Benjamin along, who had been a tag wrestler up until this point. The match itself was back-and-forth with Christian controlling the middle portion; Benjamin’s aerial display is very Kofi Kingston-like.

Back in coffee area, Kurt Angle approaches Edge about some comments in Edge’s book and is not happy with them. Kurt teases him about not winning the World title; Edge threatens to take Angle out just like he did Shawn Michaels. Eugene shows up and gushes over Angle; he accidentally starts a “you suck” chant.

Team Guerrero: Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam, Big Show & John Cena vs. Team Angle: Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak & Carlito Caribbean Cool (w/Jesús) elimination tag match: That’s one hell of a babyface team! Carlito debuted against Cena in a title match and unseated the champ; think about that one for a minute. I believe there was a Carlito orchestrated attack on Cena, in a nightclub, where Jesús stabbed him in the kidney; this is Cena’s return to the ring from said injury. Show has his ankle taped from an Angle, Reigns and Jindrak attack on the SmackDown prior to the PPV. Carlito, wearing Cena’s lock and chair, freaks out when he sees him; John goes right for Jesús on the floor and beats the crap out of him all of the way to the back. Carlito hijacks a car and the two of them drive away and… I guess is ELIMINATED before the match even begins.

Meanwhile, back in the arena the other three babyfaces begin a battle on the floor with Angle and his associates. Big Show drags Jindrak into the ring and the bell sounds; Show angrily slams Jindrak as Cena returns to ringside. He nails the “Shush chop” and tags in RVD. Michael Cole reminds me in the build to this encounter; Angle’s team tranquilized Show and shaved his head bald. RVD hits the feint wheel kick, or the “unorthodox style” according to Cole. Guerrero tags in and Hilos in over the top, Van Dam follows up with a Rolling Thunder upon his exit; Eddie hits a belly-to-belly suplex as Jindrak, unable to get out of the block, has been taking an ass whipping from the babyfaces. Jindrak manages to reverse a whip but eats a head scissors; Luther Reigns, who has had enough, charges in… right into a dropkick; Eddie hits his step-up-the-ropes arm drag/head scissors takedown combo on them. Angle sneaks in a stomp to break Guerrero’s momentum. He tags in and traps Eddie in the corner and beats on him. Reigns tags and hits a double backbreaker into a sidewalk slam; the heels work over Eddie in the corner. Jindrak enters and applies a full nelson to Eddie. The fans rally Guerrero to break the hold by bouncing Jindrak’s cranium off the turnbuckles. Angle just cuts off the hot tag and hits a belly-to-belly suplex; Reigns tags in and hits a butterfly suplex. Jindrak tags in and cuts off the match with a chinlock. Guerrero counters with a jawjacker and flapjack. Angle cuts off the tag again this time with a front facelock. I like the little story they’re telling here; Angle, the captain and mentor of Reigns and Jindrak, has to come to their rescue, cutting off hot tags, when one of his guys makes a mistake, then when things are under control, he tags back out and lets them “get more experience” (if you are a heel announcer) or “do Angle’s dirty work” (if you are a babyface announcer). Kurt maintains the facelock and teases a hit tag; Angle stops the forward progress with a knee. Jindrak comes in with a big slam and drops elbows; he stops to pose like Rick Rude, and gets nailed from behind by the other three babyfaces while he is going for the cover. He applies a rear wastelock; Tazz, for some reason, continues to confuse Jindrak and Reigns, they don’t even look the same; Eddie counters a backdrop into a hurracanrana and FINALLY the tag is made. RVD runs in and kicks the tar out of Angle. Kurt catches a boot but eats the double mule kick; Van Dam to the top, Jindrak tries to pull Angle out of the way, so RVD nails him with the Five Star Frogsplash. Reigns distracts from the apron allowing Angle to schoolboy him (with ropes) for three to ELIMINATE Rob Van Dam.

Big Show argues with referee Charles Robinson about the cheating; Eddie takes matters into his own hands and cradles Jindrak (with his feet on the ropes) and ELIMINATES Mark Jindrak.

Eddie tags in Show sending him retreating for a tag; Reigns gives it a go by kicking Show’s injured ankle. He angrily reverses and chops the crap out of him in the corner. Angle provides a distraction, taking a big boot, allowing Reigns another boot to the ankle but Show quickly recovers, chokeslams him and ELIMINATES Luther Reigns.

Angle tries to back jump Show but he gets goozled; the chokeslam is reversed into the ankle lock. Big Show powers out sending Angle to the floor. Kurt tries to walk off but RVD returns and blocks his passage. Angle scurries back towards the ring… right into Big Show. Kurt doesn’t turn around but feels the bald dome of Show’s and his facial expressions are fantastic. Show tosses him back into the ring… right into an F-U… and a frogsplash from Eddie; Show crawls in and gets the pinfall to ELIMINATE Angle and take the match. Eddie, Cena and Big Show are the survivors. 6/10 The early portion of the match and a good storyline running through it but once RVD got eliminated, the match almost became a squash. The sudden rapid-fire eliminations could attest to the angry babyfaces coming for revenge.

Jonathan Coachman talks to Maven who ponders him deserving to be in the main event. Maven angrily gets in his face about it until Gene Snitsky attacks him from behind and tosses him into an equipment trunk, busting him open. Road Agent David “Fit” Finlay helps him up.

Paul Heyman turned Heidenreich loose upon the Undertaker; he locked Taker in a hearse and rammed a SUV into it. Heidenreich demanded a match with Taker who was more than happy to oblige. I believe Heidenreich attacked random fans in the crowd and kidnapped Michael Cole and disturbingly read poetry to him, during the build as well.

Undertaker vs. Heidenreich (w/Paul Heyman): Does anyone remember when the WWE originally debuted John Heidenreich on Raw when he was running around backstage showing pictures of “little Johnny”? Taker punches the crap out of Heidenreich in the corner and then scares referee Brian Hebner, to the point that he runs out of the ring. Taker misses a charge but quickly retains control with a big boot; he drops an elbow for a one count. Taker applies a hammerlock and tosses Heidenreich into the buckle. He goes Old School but Heyman distracts the referee allowing Heidenreich a low blow. Heyman provides another distraction permitting more ball work, as he pulls him groin first into the ringpost. He pummels him on the floor and tosses him into the steps but Taker no-sells it and returns the favor. He drapes him on the apron and runs a few elbows into him and then the apron legdrop; back in the ring, Taker gets two while Heidenreich sells the throat, gasping for air. Undertaker goes Old School and hits a reverse STO for two. Taker freaks out Brian Hebner again but misses a running boot in the corner; Heidenreich takes over again and shoulderblocks Taker off the apron. Undertaker tries to punch his way back but meets a big boot; he applies a chinlock for a while. Taker tries to battle back a few times but clotheslines take him back down; Taker blocks a vertical suplex and reverses it. They arm-wearily trade punches and Taker telegraphs a backdrop; he no-sells it, but Heidenreich still manages to surprise Taker by tossing him to the floor. Taker hangs him off the top rope and then reenters the ring via top-rope clothesline. He hits the corner clothesline and then Snake Eyes plus big boot and legdrop for two. Chokeslam is signaled but Heidenreich breaks the goozle up with a knee; he charges the corner but meets a boot. Heidenreich still has fight left in him and catches Taker with a Bossman Slam for two. Heidenreich mounts Undertaker in the corner, no one in their right mind should do that, but we’ll give Heidenreich a pass because he is not even in his left mind… Taker hits the Last Ride but Heidenreich has the wherewithal to grab the bottom rope to break the pinfall. He reverses a whip on Taker and gets a sleeper hold; Undertaker quickly reverses with a back suplex for a double KO. Taker sits up at nine but Heidenreich attacks first; Taker wipes him with a diving clothesline. Chokeslam! Tombstone follows for three. Post-match, Taker sells his amazement with Heidenreich’s tenaciously. 3/10 Not an awful match, just a little too long; not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, it had its slow parts in the middle, but the end was pretty entertaining. Everyone knew Taker was winning but Heidenreich looked pretty good in the loss, getting a lot of counters and offense in.

In the back Maria Kanellis talks to Raw GM Eric Bishoff who informs us that Maven “may not” be able to wrestle. She asks him if a replacement has been named; Bishoff cites an upcoming vacation and Triple H’s team’s possible protest as reasons why he is not granting a replacement.

A recap of the Lita/Kane wedding and pregnancy angle that was destroyed by a chairshot from Gene Snitsky, which turned unmasked Kane babyface for the first time; Trish Stratus involved herself torturing her aboot the entire ordeal.

WWE Women’s Championship Trish Stratus vs. Lita: Lita punches her in the face at the bell; they exchange blows and Trish collapses in the corner. Lita pummels her there and on the mat. Trish retreats to the floor where Lita gives chase. They fight on the floor and Lita drop-toeholds her into a chair. She grabs a chair but the referee takes it from her… so she grabs another chair and waffles Trish with it getting disqualified. Post-match, the fans don’t like it at all; Trish’s nose is bleeding as Lita applies a rear-naked choke on the floor. The referees pull them apart but Lita then shoves her into the ringpost again. Referees finally get Lita to the back and tend to a crying Trish. 1.5/10 Not really a match but more a storyline continuum… which should occur on Raw.

In the back Eddie Guerrero and Big Show question John Cena’s lack of scarring from his stabbing, Rob Van Dam is there too. Cena plays it off as the “doctors hooked him up”. SmackDown GM Teddy Long thanks Eddie’s team for a good match and asks to speak to Cena. Long books a US title match with Carlito Caribbean Cool for SmackDown. Long promises if Carlito does not show, he’ll be stripped of the title. Cena says “yo” almost as much as Long says “holla”.

WWE Heavyweight Championship John “Bradshaw” Layfield (w/Orlando Jordan) vs. Booker T: This was during Bradshaw’s lengthy stay at the top of the card, which surprisingly I really did not mind. Here we have a battle of the respective tag team’s “Shawn Michaels’s”. I miss the old WWE title design, I miss the older Winged Eagle title more, but I really want a new title design, though. They link up and Bradshaw overpowers Booker in the corner; they chop a little and Booker punches away to floor JBL. Booker telegraphs a backdrop allowing JBL some clubbering; he applies a standing headlock and then battle over a hiptoss, won by Booker T’s clothesline. He drops Layfield, all of the way to the floor, with a heel-hook kick; Bradshaw nails him upon reentry with a swinging neckbreaker. JBL pummels Booker with punches but he reverses a whip, eats a backdrop, and gets clotheslined to the floor. Layfield takes over on the floor, tossing Booker over the announce table, he climbs atop it but Booker takes his legs out and he falls on his ass. He tosses JBL back into the ring, where he immediately distracts the referee, permitting Jordan a clothesline. Orlando professes his innocence to the referee and gently places Booker back into the ring where JBL grinds the match to a halt with a Cobra Clutch. Booker frees himself but runs into a knee; a big boot and three elbow drops gets nets two for Layfield. He goes in for a sleeper hold, perhaps trying to bore Booker into submission. Book fights back but a reverse elbow puts him back down. JBL to the top? Nope. Booker cuts him off and superplexes him for two. JBL begs off and momentums him to the floor where Jordan is waiting to pummel him, while the referee is distracted; Booker fights back and posts Jordan. JBL tries to clothesline Booker but he counters with a Bookend on the floor! Superkick to Orlando! Booker bounces Jordan off the barricade, to make sure he’s dead, and then tosses Layfield into the steel steps. He really knocks Orlando out with an axe kick on the floor. He tosses JBL back in the ring and returns to the ring via missile dropkick for… JBL grabs the bottom rope. Booker T hits a side suplex and heads to the top again but Jordan is up and distracting Booker causing him to miss the Harlem Hangover; JBL crawls for a two count. Layfield gets up first and applies another sleeper but Booker suplexes to counter. He fires up again with forearms and a spin kick. A bicycle kick gets two. He goes for the axe kick but Jordan trips him up from the floor allowing Bradshaw a DDT for two. Even heel commentator Tazz admits the outside interference is happening a little too frequently, citing a handicap match. Booker reverses a corner whip and tosses JBL right into referee Nick Patrick, knocking him out. Orlando Jordan wastes no time running into the ring to take Booker out; he gets a chair but Josh Matthews runs in and takes him out; JBL then KILLS Matthews with a big boot and short clothesline. JBL misses a Clothesline from Hell and Booker hits the axe kick; second referee Charles Robinson runs in but Jordan pulls him out. He grabs the belt and runs in but takes a Book End; JBL grabs the belt and waffles Booker with it, just as Patrick is coming to, and counts a three for JBL. 7/10 This match had peaks and valleys the parts where Booker is on offense are the peaks and JBL’s clubbing/chinlock offense signifies the valleys. The ending with the overbooking was okay, and it sold JBL’s desperation to keep the title against a very ready Booker T. The constant Orlando Jordan interference got a little over-the-top by the end of the match, whereas Booker had the title won about seven times; nevertheless, it was a pretty good match.

In the back Triple H asks if Batista spoke with Edge and Gene Snitsky about their threats to come after Hunter’s World title on Raw. Batista is concerned with the possibilities of Edge or Snitsky running Raw. HHH assures him that when Evolution runs Raw for the first two weeks Edge and Snitsky won’t be in any condition to run anything. HHH leaves but Batista tells Ric Flair, upon exiting, that he cannot WAIT for his week to run Raw.

Raw GM Eric Bishoff took a night off of Raw so Triple H deemed himself in charge and he and Evolution took over. The rest of the roster did not like it and took over, led by Randy Orton. Bishoff booked a unique stipulation for the main event… whoever’s team wins, each team member gets to run Raw for one night. Gene Snitsky and Edge both threatened to come after HHH’s title so he told Batista to set them straight. Batista also began to show his own World title intentions, unbeknownst to HHH.

Team Orton: Randy Orton, Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs. Team Evolution: Triple H, Batista, Edge & Gene Snitsky (w/Ric Flair) elimination tag match: Maven was originally supposed to be the fourth team member on Team Orton but Snitsky took him out earlier in the night. Orton does not look right as (this version) a babyface; he even has oddly designed RKO trunks. Benoit and Edge start off and hammer away in the corner; Benoit knocks Edge down with a running double chop. Edge freaks out and tags in Snitsky. Orton gets one as well. They shove each other but Orton fires away and celebrates. Jericho tags in and tosses Snitsky into the buckles and stomps on him; Snitsky fires back with a running clothesline out of the corner. HHH tags in and knees Jericho but he fires back and gets Orton in there. He stomps a mudhole in the corner; Hunter comes back with a high knee and brings Batista in. He gets some shoulderblocks in the corner, powerslams him, and tags Edge who mocks Orton’s taunt. Randy gets a few shots in but Edge drop-toe holds him to take over. Edge connects with a nice dropkick and messes with Jericho on the apron to be a douche; not too clever, because Orton seizes the opportunity to clothesline him. Here comes Benoit, he wipes everyone and attacks HHH; a double baseball slide takes out both Snitsky and Batista on the floor. SNAP SUPLEX to HHH! German suplexes greet Snitsky and Batista, when they try to interfere. Helmsley gets the rolling Germans, now Edge runs in, so Benoit snap-suplexes him onto HHH. Benoit goes to the top for a double swandive head-butt on them; Snitsky breaks up the lateral press so Jericho runs in to fight with him. Benoit applies the Sharpshooter to HHH but Snitsky returns and breaks that up too. Edge tries to interfere so Benoit puts him in the Crippler Crossface until Batista breaks it up; HHH sneaks in a Pedigree in the chaos. Edge rolls over and ELIMINATES Chris Benoit.

Jericho attacks Edge but Hunter gets the shot in from the apron (guess where he learned that move?) and Edge scores with a swinging neckbreaker. Edge somehow manages to tag in both HHH and Snitsky. They get into a little spat about it, and Snitsky shoves Hunter, Batista has to come to his leader’s aid; the crowd erupts for that confrontation. They argue meanwhile Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho to HHH; Batista finally notices and breaks it up. Orton runs in and shoves him into Snitsky. Jericho hits a bulldog and tries the Lionsault but Flair interferes. Referee Mike Chioda spots it and ejects Flair, triggering a great tantrum from Slick Ric; the only thing missing was an elbow drop to the suit jacket. Batista tags but Flair tries to run back into the ring, drawing Chioda to him, it backfires because Jericho and Orton are able to double team Batista. He comes back with a double clothesline and chucks Orton to the floor; Jericho tries to take him on but runs into a spinebuster. With the referee is nowhere in sight, Orton nails Batista with the World title, and Jericho hits an enziguri to ELIMINATE Batista.

Triple H slides in and tries to take over on Jericho but he counters and hits a reverse elbow; Edge tries to interfere but Jericho dropkicks him off the apron right onto Snitsky. Batista takes Jericho out with a clothesline with a parting shot. Snitsky tags in and stomps on Jericho and backdrops him; he blatantly chokes Jericho for a while and then tags in Edge. He works over him with punches but Jericho counters with the Flash Back; Snitsky tags and knocks Orton off the apron. He runs back in but Snitsky tosses him back out where Edge and HHH swarm him. In the ring, Jericho hits a DDT; Maven stumbles out and receives a hit tag. He attacks Snitsky and nails him with a running elbow; he takes out both HHH and Edge when they try to interfere. Maven busts Snitsky open and tosses him and Edge to the floor; he hits a top rope bulldog to HHH. Snitsky grabs a chair and CLOBBERS Maven with it. The referee disqualifies Snitsky, ELIMINATING him; he nails Jericho and Orton with the chair as well before departing.

Triple H rolls atop Maven’s corpse and pins him; Maven is ELIMINATED.

Triple H goes after Jericho first and drags the deadweight back into the ring; Edge tries a lateral press but gets two, three times. Edge argues with the referee and Jericho comes back with a reverse elbow. Triple H tries a Pedigree but Jericho backdrops free but is wide open for a spear from Edge and Jericho is ELIMINATED.

Edge and HHH grin, realizing they now have a two-on-one with Orton, who is still recovering, but manages to drag himself back into the ring. Randall tells them to bring it on; he fights valiantly, for about three seconds, as the heels swarm him like zombies in a feeding frenzy. Edge hits a back suplex and tags in HHH; they work him over and punch away. Orton tries to fight back but a DDT cuts it off… for two. HHH tries a few more covers to no avail. Orton fights out of the Evolution corner and powerslams Edge. Randy ducks a clothesline and Edge and HHH nearly collide; Orton dropkicks Edge into Helmsley, knocking him off the apron, and rolls Edge up for close a nearfall. HHH runs in illegally and spinebusters Orton. Edge tries to spear him but misfires and nails HHH. RKO! Edge is ELIMINATED.

Orton glares at the downed Triple H and tries another RKO; HHH gets a low blow whilst the referee was busy rolling Edge out of the ring. Hunter looks for the Pedigree reversed into an RKO for three to ELIMINATE Triple H and is the sole survivor. So, via stipulations, Orton, Benoit, Jericho and Maven will run Raw for the next four weeks. 7.5/10 These Survivor matches are tough to screw up because of the amount of wrestlers involved and ability to keep everyone fresh to the end. Exciting match that saw the babyfaces get some revenge and will run Raw for a month, probably the first time since the Brand Extension that there will be good guys running the flagship show.

OVERALL 7/10 This show was like “babyface revenge”; there were no titles switched but the main storylines were all won by the good guys (save for JBL). Benjamin and Christian put on a great match and the two Survivor matches made this show. It had some bad points (Undertaker/Heidenreich) but they were not that awful, actually.